Welcome to Government Superior Science College Peshawar

The mission of our institution is to strive for the advancement of all good Literature, arts, and science, and the advancement and inculcation of the eternal values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness among our students.

We are committed to imbuing the students with a sprit to explore, to create, to challenge, and to lead. We further aim at building the character of the students in the light of the sublime ideals of Islam, and preparing them for the service of the nation, Ummat-e-Muslima, and the entire human race.  





The vision of our college is to broaden the horizons of knowledge and enable our students to reach the zenith of intellectual achievement and personal growth to the ultimate benefit of human society and beyond.




Our college is committed to achieve the objectives of:

  • Imparting quality education to our students and acquainting them with scholarship, leadership and service. 
  • Maximizing the outcome of the committed and experienced members of the Faculty.
  • Infusing our teachers as well as students with democracy, co-operation and social justice.
  • Augmenting the effectiveness and efficiency of the college staff.
  • Raising the standards of our education to be at par with those of the international level.
  • Preparing our students to value the dignity of labour.

Latest NEWS & Announcements
  • 02 Aug, 2017 Sports Trail 2017
    Dated: Wednesday 02 Aug, 2017
    Govt Superior Science College offers Admission on sports basis in the following games.   All such students who want to get admission on 5% spor...
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  • 22 Jul, 2017 Application Documnets Checklist
    Dated: Saturday 22 Jul, 2017
    1.    Photocopy of Father NIC/Form B 2.    Photocopy of Matric (DMC) 2 Copy 3.    Photocopy of Domicile 4.   3 P...
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  • 22 Jul, 2017 Admission Schedule 2017
    Dated: Saturday 22 Jul, 2017
    • 1st Merit List                        10th August 2017 • Admission / intervie...
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  • 11 Jul, 2017 Jurisdictional Area of GSSC
    Dated: Tuesday 11 Jul, 2017
    1. Hazar Khwani 2. Musa Zai 3.Ghari Qamar Deen 4.Ghari Ata Muhammad 5.Kakshal 6.Landi Arbab 7.Circular Road(Around Area) 8.Ganj Area 9.Gulbaha...
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  • 30 Jul, 2017 Last Date of Admission
    Dated: Sunday 30 Jul, 2017
    05-08-2017 ...
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  • 11 Jun, 2017 Adnan Ahmed (Focal Person)
    Dated: Sunday 11 Jun, 2017
    Lecturer Computer Science    Please Visit Website and kindly  Let us know your feedback Adnan Ahmed Bin Zubair Focal Person in...
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