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This college was established in 1971. The student having completed their education from this institute have got distinction in board and university exams; they are serving the nation, working satisfactorily at different levels Government and private organizations of the country and are contributing their eminent role in development and progress of the country. It is a sense of distinctive pride for this institute.
In the present era we are busy in the struggle of achieving entire highest stages of economic advancement within the shortest time in order to enhance the standard of life. The lucrative advancement in communication and information especially through electronic media has turned the world into a global village. We became aware of the happening and variation occurring in the sphere of this earth within a flash of time. As a result of this awareness the achievement of highest advancement in democratic values, social welfare and economic development has became the motto of our individual and collective life.
For the achievement of the above mentioned motives, the utilization of production resources and their equal distribution in society has become a basic element on one hand, while on the other hand cost effective marketing strategy to dominate the world markets is also an essential element. in other words, we can't obtain our due share in this world of economic enhancement unless we are able to
adopt an aggressive economic strategy for this cause.
In the recent few years the establishment of the world Trade Organization has come to the fore. After becoming its member, we have now opened the gates of our national markets for the world free trade. Side by side, our commodities| products have become assessable to the world markets. The sale of product and services is possible on the basis of excellent progress and high quality. In this competition the failed countries or institutions will lose their existence.
In this world of cut throat competition our country is a prey of economic and commercial degradation. Our population, which was 351, 00000 in 1951, has now exceeded to 150 million. The greater part of population is living below the poverty line and the country is entangled in the burden of debts; while the balance of payment and fiscal deficit is leading towards perilous limits. Investment and industry is
a prey of severe decline.
In the above mentioned circumstances the Government of Pakistan has initiated basic changes in economic and commercial infrastructure of the country. The central points of this strategy are to take economy free from Government rules and regulations; to take industrial and commercial institutions into private ownership; to maintain confidence of national and foreign investors. Now a days the basic of economic development is upon such activate industrial, agricultural and commercial institutes that are capable to take lead by acting upon aggressive strategy. These abilities are possible only through such technical educational institutes that are liable to take instantaneous decisions in accordance with the changing circumstances. Further more they most have available services of the best professionals, especially in Management Audit and Account, Marketing, Banking, Computer, Information Technology and E. Commerce etc.
Taking these demands in view, the Government of N.W.F.P has established technical institutes from one place to another so that the best professional man power be prepared in the province that,besides providing people with profitable employment, may become fruitful, especially for the country and ordinarily for the foreign countries. In Hazara Division the sole institute to provide education of Management Sciences for Mansehra,Battagram, Kohistan, Northern Ares and AJK is Government College of Commerce and Management Sciences, Mansehra, which is situated at the start of Mansehra on KaraKuram Highway.

This institute is situated at a very pleasant spot, the high mountainous peaks of the Karakuram range enhances its own beauty. Beautiful panoramic views, pleasant climate and situated at same distance from noise of city life, give addition to educational value of this College. The College is affiliated with Board of Technical Education N.W.F.P, Peshawar and For B.Com, M.Com, BBA& MBA with Hazara University, Mansehra.
It is pertinent to mention here that the most modern computer lab has been established at Government College of Commerce and Management Sciences Mansehra that shall achieve demands of the present era educational institutes very effectively. This college was established in 1971. The student having completed their education from this institute have got distinctive in board and university exams; they are appointed on high positions in Government and private institutes of the country and are contributing their eminent role in development and progress of the country. It is a sense of distinctive pride for this institute

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