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Welcome to the GCMS Haripur- a lush green, spacious, serene and secure learning enclave, situated away from the hustle and bustle of cramped city. Its splendid look reminds us of Taxila - five thousand years old giant in the field, where people from as far as china used to come to quench their thirst for learning.

To be one among very few renowned institutes possessing the luxury of spacious campus, the College tantamount to an unparallel blessing for the locality. It is an accepted fact that spaciousness draws positive impacts on students as it widens the mental horizons and vision. Having begot such facility makes it easier to launch different kinds of extracurricular activities for students helping them in the formation of healthy minded integrated balanced personality of a civilized society.

Speaking of academic side, the College is meant to edify people for commerce and management education. The most prevailing choice, which leads them to the prosperous career that can be cashed globally like ingots. Our empirical record shows near to zero level joblessness.

GCMS has a rich faculty as is evident from the staff list, which is more than any other contemporary institution in management science in District Haripur.

It really broadens my shoulders by revealing the fact that owing to the relentless efforts of faithful staff, the College has been able to achieve phenomenal distinctions at inter, degree as well as masters levels. As fruitful consequences it has uplifted itself to M.S level, a substantial appurtenance to its glory.

To conclude one has more than enough temptations to be confident to choose GCMS, Haripur to pursue his/her career.


                                                                                                                              Syed Tasdiq Hussain Shah

                                                                         Principal GCMS Haripur



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