College contains a large number of books. Following are rules to be observed by the students.

· Borrowers and readers are advised to inspect the books at the time of issuance and to call the attention of the Liberian to any defect of the damage.

· A book lost or damaged in any way has to be replaced by the borrower

· At the time of annual stock checking , the library shall remain closed. All books on loan with the borrowers irrespective of date of their issuance must be deposited in the library before the date notified for the purpose.

· All books must be returned at least one week before the commencement of winter or summer vocations.

· A fine of Rs.1 per day per valium will be charged from the students if the books are not returned within the prescribed period. A borrower shall not be allowed to borrow books again unless the fine has been paid. Such borrowers and readers who abuse their privileges will be reported to the principal for appropriate action