On behalf of my all staff members, I welcome you at GDC No.3, Dera Township. I assure you that you would be provided the best possible opportunities for your education and development, you would have the services of the highly qualified, hardworking and sincere teachers. Moreover you would have access to all the facilities which are necessary for education in modren times.

The college was established in 2009. It has made unbelievable progress during the short period of seven year. It is due to enthusiastic and zealous services of teachers. It started from 15 students. Today it is providing a quality of education to 960 students. I am sure with the passage of time, it would become one of the greatest institution of the province.


Professor Ameer Ullah,

M.A Arabic (G.Medalist), Peshawar,

M.A Islamiat, Gomal University.