The following dues are charged at the intermediate levels.

A Government Dues

Tuition Fee Admission Fee

F.A. Rs. 500/- P.A Rs.250/- P.A.

F.Sc Rs. 550/-P.A Rs.250/- P.A

B.A Rs. 600/-P.A Rs.300/- P.A

B.Sc Rs. 600/-P.A Rs.300/- P.A

C Pupils’ Fund

(i) General Fund Rs. 400 /-P.A (From all students)

(ii) General Security Rs. 500 /-(Refundable)

(iii) Computer Security Rs.1000/- (Refundable) (From Comp Sc students only)

(iv) Computer Charges Rs.1000/-P.A (From Comp. Sc Students only)

ID Card / Fine Funds. Rs. 100/- (From all students)