I feel extremely privileged to record my heartfelt emotions about this great institution of district Swabi. I have received a generous co operation from the staff, students and local elders of the area regarding the uplift and welfare of the college. After being much obliged by the people of the area, I was left with no choice, but to fully dedicate myself to the service of the children of these respectful and hospitable people. So the first decision that I made, was to provide a peaceful and congenial study environment to the students of the college, for which purpose I, with a generous help and cooperation from my worthy staff members and District administration, especially the DPO Sajjad Khan, closed the gates of the college premises on all the intruders. Next I focused on the infrastructure of the college, providing all the facilities to the hostel students, who were living in a ruined building which they called the hostel. We provided them, to the best of our ability, all they needed at the hostel. We also made minor repair work at the college, including construction of the entrance road, white washing the boundary wall, hostel mosque and the front of the college. We have also tried to provide the latest available books to our college library to fulfill the needs of our BS students in the various departments of the college. We have also decided to provide our students with the facility of a digital library to be connected to the world`s renown universities to fulfill all their needs. We have also taken the bold step of introducing BS programme in all the disciplines in the coming semester for the session 2015-16 for which solid scheme of studies has already been prepared. We try our best to equip the talented students of the area by providing them quality education at the lowest possible expenditures at their door step.