College Library and Stduy Room

There is a library in college which offers an extensive range of resources and services to support teaching and learning. Library has attached studyroom where students read books available in library. There are many books available in our library and apart from this, daily news papers, weekly and monthly magazines are also provided to the students. At the time of admission students are granted a library card which gives him privillage to borrow books from library.
Library Timings
The library will observe normal college timings. The college principal may, however allow the library to remain open for an extended time for the benefit of students.
Rules for circulation of books
Follwing rules must be followed by members of library.
  • In our library books are issued to the students for the period of 15 days, If students fails to return the book then he is fined for 10 rupees /day untill returning issued books.
  • Only one book may be issued to only one students at a time and price of this book must be less than one third of security fee
  • Safe keeping of books/any other material borrowed shall be the sole responsibility of the borrower. If a book/any other such material is damaged/defaced/mutilated, borrower will be liable to pay three fold price of origional book
Library enviroment
  • All members/visitors shall observe complete silence inside the library
  • Political discussion and discussing personal matters in library are prohibited
  • No personal belongings (books, files, registers, handbags, umbrellas etc) will be inside the library. These all must be deposited/left at the entrance of the library.
  • Eating, sleeping, smoking & use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited within the premises of library.