No one can deny the significance of education for success in all spheres of life. It is through quality education and careful brought up that not only individual’s successful future is guaranteed, but the same individuals play a pivotal role in the progress and prosperity of the country.

It is a common perception nowadays that students are getting at a distance from educational activities. After getting admission in the standard educational institutions, they usually waste away their precious moments of life in such un-necessary activities which leads them away from their real goals. The time duration, which they have specified for the achievements of higher goals, is spent in such type of activities which are highly detrimental for their bright future. But then it is no use crying over spilt milk. My dear students! There is no doubt in the fact that you alone are our real assets and it is our sole responsibility to guide you to the path of righteousness. You are the future leaders of our nation, and you will be handed over the reigns of government in future. So take full advantage of this golden opportunity. And utilize your time usefully. Consistency is the pre-requisite for the achievement of goals. Parents’ are requested to keep a vigilant Eye on the education and brought-up of their children. The Holy Prophet (sallall-a-ho-alihe-wasallam) says that the best thing which a Father can give to his Child is Knowledge. Parents will be highly appreciated for the co-operation with the college administration in this regard. They may visit the college now and then so that they may have information about their children.

The college was established in 2013 and named after the renowned and eminent educationist Khan Abdul Ali Khan (1922-1997). Prof. Sayyed Raza Shah, the then CPO, played pivotal rule in the establishment of the college by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The college was initially started and is still running in the two students hostels of Government Postgraduate College Charsadda. The buildings of the hostels are very old, and may not be up to the standards on one hand and very small for more than one thousand students in terms of space on the other. This non-availability of a standard college building and infrastructure for the wide range of academic activities of BS 4-year and conventional 2-year programs, has consistently put the college management and administration under the pressure emerged from time to time by the public, parents and students. However, the honourable Secretary Higher Education and Director Prof. Dr. Subhanullah Shah, Higher Education Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are very committed in this regard and the college will soon be provided with its own standard college building. It is indeed a pleasure, that in spite of limited infrastructure, we have accepted the challenge and the college has excelled in every field. The college has achieved targets of academic excellence in the form of obtaining “First Position” along with grabbing seven more positions by the students of this institution among the Top Ten in B.Sc. 2017 conducted by Bacha Khan University Charsadda. . Many students have registered their presence in the high profile Universities of the province and country. Students educated from the college have carved a niche for themselves in various fields at provincial and national levels This could be possible with the blessings of Almighty Allah and hard work done by college staff and students under the guidance of visionary management. We have proved that we are, “Elite without being elitist” and the credit goes to the whole team of the college as well as competent authorities of the Higher Education Department.

Student of this institution are indeed blessed with to find an opportunity to get admission at one of the best colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, The college is providing first-rate education to its students and accomplishing personal standards of excellence in academic, sports, and cultural activities. The college has the privilege of having a healthy, harmonious ambience and rich values which have played pivotal role in shaping the future of innumerable students even in the very short time since its establishment in 2013. All of the academic and extra-curricular programs are folded around a student code of conduct that includes a respect for Pakistan, a respect for self, a respect for society, and a respect for the environment. The college is committed to working as a partner with parents and with the community. Parents and community members are always invited to come to the college and see it in action. Our mission is to transform students into rational thinkers, competent workers, law abiding citizens and spiritually enlightened individuals. This is my firm belief that the rich values and traditions imbibed here would carry our students to greater heights.

In this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes and values leading to social, economical moral and spiritual development. Together with curricular activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular events are organised by various clubs and societies to facilitate the process of creative and critical thinking. They not only inculcate social and moral values, compassion for nature, pride for Pakistani culture and tradition and awareness for one’s rights and duties but also make students good human beings and confident leaders. I intently believe that our students would develop versatile personality during stay in this temple of learning.

Dear Students! To be successful in life, have ambitions and define your goals clearly. Never underestimate yourself, your dreams must be sky kissing. Discipline and hard work is the key to success. Be regular in your classes and focus on your goals. Your concerted efforts with the blessing of almighty Allah and able guidance of your teachers would definitely provide you a blissful and successful life. I, on behalf of Government Abdul Ali Khan Degree College (Utmanzai) Charsadda wish you all the best for achieving greater success and scaling new heights in the coming session.

With warm wishes and profound regards,

Prof. Dr. Fazli Subhan.