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Time Table Botany (1st & 3rd Semesters)                                Click Here

Time Table Chemistry (1st & 3rd Semesters)                              Click Here

Time Table Computer Science (1st & 3rd Semesters)                       Click Here

Time Table English (1st & 3rd Semesters)                                Click Here 

Time Table Physics (1st & 3rd Semesters)                                Click Here

Time Table Political Science (1st & 3rd Semesters)                      Click Here 

Time Table Sociology (1st & 3rd Semesters)                              Click Here

Time Table Urdu (1st & 3rd Semesters)                                   Click Here

Time Table Zoology (1st, 3rd & 5th Semesters)                           Click Here

Time Table HSSC (Part - I & Part - II)                                  Click Here


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  • 10 Jan, 2019 BS Result Announced
    Dated: Thursday 10 Jan, 2019
    SBBU Announced Result for BS program of the affiliated colleges  GDC Wari GDC Dir GDC Chitral GGDC Chitral ...
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  • 19 Sep, 2018 BS Time Tables
    Dated: Wednesday 19 Sep, 2018
    BOTANY TIME TABLE FOR BS BOTANY 1st SEMESTER (FALL 2018 – 2019)   Class 01 02 03...
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