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The Govt: Degree College Mamash Khel, Bannu, strictly follows the injuction of the Prophet of Islam that he enjoined upon humanity more than 1400 years ago which states "Seek Knowledge from (the time you are) in cradle up to your grave". The college therefore, strives to impart education in almost all the modern disciplines of natural and applied sciences and humanities. The college aims at creating an atomosphere conductive to learning. We pledge to advance human mind of this remote area of Pakistan and to broaden the vision of our your through education and reseach for which we solemnly strive to provide a conducive environment.

Our goal is to create such opportunities for our students that will enable them to act independently. We are making hectic efforts to produce fit man-power, for Paksitan in particular and the world in general, to meet the challenges of the modern life and to raise a race of humans that will, in the time to come, enance good-will and brotherhood among the discordant communities not only of Pakistan but of the world at large.

The college encourage students to think freely and to shatter the bonds of supertition and outdated ideas that have so far ensnared human mind. The college also encourage it Alumni to make experiments in divergent fields of action and to follow new ways of learning. The conducive atomsphere as stimulus for the students to explore the depth of human endeavors. The college aima at liberating human will through creating an environment of competition to its studetns. In short, we hope to inculculate such a spirit in our students that will produce in them a sense  of self-reliance and confidence that may go a long way in making them successful human beings and who will ultimately prove an asset not only to Pakistan but to whole Muslim Ummah. 

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  • 11 Jul, 2017 Online Admission for F.A/F.Sc and Computer Science announced
    Dated: Tuesday 11 Jul, 2017
    Govt: Degree College Mamash Khel, Bannu. Schedule of Admission for F.A/F.Sc and I.C.S (Session 2017-18)   S,No Activit...
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  • 08 Jul, 2017 Online Admission for F.A/F.Sc and Computer Science
    Dated: Saturday 08 Jul, 2017
    Online admission to F.A/F.Sc and computer Science will be announced very soon. Rules and regulation regarding online admission are available on colleg...
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  • 15 Apr, 2017 Time Table for HSSC (A) Examination, 2017
    Dated: Saturday 15 Apr, 2017
    Student can download Time Table for the up coming Exam. 2017(Annual) by clicking on the link given below http://biseb.edu.pk/images/notifications/leg...
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  • 30 Nov, -0001 HSSC Examination.
    Dated: Monday 30 Nov, -0001
    All the students of F.A/F.Sc are here by informed that, they should contact college administration to get thier Roll No Slip for the upcoming HSSC (A)...
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