Govt: Degree College Mamash Khel, Bannu was established on 22 of September 2011 in order to impart quality as well as cost free education to the youth of district Bannu in general and the area of Mamash Khel, Daud Shah, Mamand Khel, Bakka Khel and Kurram Garhi in particular. The vision of this institute is to impart knowledge, skills according to the modern day needs and also contribute to the development of ethical domain, in accordance with the teaching of Islam. Equiped with highly committed, educated and professional teaching staff with a grand building having sprawling campus providing an ideal and conducive atmosphere for student learning.

In Sha Allah, this institution will play its contributory role in the development of our nation and will prove to be a springboard for future leaders.


To make the college, a leading institute of Pakistan in the field of Degree Education and research; we, through our ceasless efforts will create...