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Govt Post Graduate Girls College follows 1400 years old message given by our Holy Prophet (SAW) saying that seek knowledge until death. This institution provides quality education in discipline like practical science human knowledge advanced studies; social science. The fundamental purpose of the college is to create such environment that could become source of knowledge and betterment. Our aim is to educate youth about its future role so that he could tackle the challenges that our state faces today efficiently and competently. 

We do our best every day to achieve the vision by building up learning environments in the college that promotes personal and intellectual exploration to turn out skilled, patriotic and pioneering students who can meet the universal standards IN SHA ALLAH.

Latest NEWS & Announcements
  • 08 Aug, 2018 Mariturious Admission FA/F.Sc-I 2018
    Dated: Wednesday 08 Aug, 2018
    Mariturious Admission for FA/F.Sc online registration part-I 2018 is going to be start from 8th August, 2018 upto 15th August, 2018.  ...
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  • 23 Jul, 2018 Date extension in online registration
    Dated: Monday 23 Jul, 2018
    Online Registration for admission in FA/F.Sc-I 2018 date has been extended upto 27th July, 2018  ...
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  • 20 Jul, 2018 Date extension in online registration
    Dated: Friday 20 Jul, 2018
    All the desired candidtes are hereby adviced that the online registration last date has been extended from 20th july, 2018 to 22th July, 2018.  ...
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  • 07 Jul, 2018 FA/F.Sc-I Admission. 2018
    Dated: Saturday 07 Jul, 2018
    FA/F.Sc-i Admission. 2018 online registration are going to be start from 9th July, 2018 upto 20th July, 2018 ...
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  • 18 Aug, 2017 Hafiz E Quran Test
    Dated: Friday 18 Aug, 2017
    The Students applied on Hafiz e Quran Quota for Mariturious Admission 2017 are hereby directed to appear before the Admission Committee at 8:00 AM in ...
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  • 12 Aug, 2017 Mariturious Admission FA/F.Sc, 2017
    Dated: Saturday 12 Aug, 2017
    New admission cycle of FA/F.Sc, 2017 for Mariturious students has been announced. Last date for submission of online application forms is 18th August,...
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  • 24 Jul, 2017 Hafiz E Quran Test
    Dated: Monday 24 Jul, 2017
    All the candidates who have applied for  FA/F.Sc-I under Hafiz E Quran Qouta are hereby announced that Hafiz E Quran test will be ...
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  • 24 Jul, 2017 Sports Trail
    Dated: Monday 24 Jul, 2017
    All the candidates who have applied for  FA/F.Sc-I under sports Qouta are hereby announced that the sports trail will be commenced on 2...
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  • 18 Jul, 2017 Complaints and Queries
    Dated: Tuesday 18 Jul, 2017
    All the Students and General public may submit their Queries/Complaints on admissionhedkp@gmail.com ...
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  • 11 Jul, 2017 Admission 2017-18
    Dated: Tuesday 11 Jul, 2017
    Admission into First Year Class F.A./ F.Sc. announced. Start date is 11 July 2017 and will continue till 24 July 2017 ...
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  • 13 Apr, 2017 Admission Alert
    Dated: Thursday 13 Apr, 2017
    F.A/F.Sc. Admissions will start soon after SSC result. Keep visit our website.  ...
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