Welcome to Govt Girls Degree College Madyan Swat

I wish to reiterate the importance of few things that we have to keep in mind as we step into new acadamic year . Number one is that the Parents should remember that children should not be forced, but should be guided to achieve whatever goals they may have in their minds in an easy manner, so that we may be able to discover the particular touch of genius in each one of them. The purpose of education is to teach our children to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts.Number two the students should keep in mind the importance of planning and prioritizing their time and the effective use of it which are essential to achieve success. Number three the parents and students both remeber that there is no shortcut in life to acheive success the student have to work hard and focus on their studies.

We polish the qaualities of students through various machanisms providing them apportunities to participate in games, debates , quiz ,and other compitition. The college magazine is a platform for our students to showcase their creative abilities, hidden dreams and aspirations for writing .

My very competent team of teachers strive to focus on each and every student, monitor and mentor them.We appreciate their achievements and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings.

I urge all the teachers to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inculcating life skills in the impressionable young adults and appreciating their smallest efforts with all generosity and broadness of vision.

At Govt Girls Degree College you will find a team of young, energatic , passionate, intelligent lecturers and professors having enlightend vision for future society who is ready to train students not only to achive the hights of academic excellence but also try to inculcate highest moral values in the hearts.

I warmly welcome you to visit us. I am sure that you will appreciate the dynamic and caring culture that is essence of our wonderful college.

Wishing you all Good Luck .

With Prayers,

Humera Rani