A variety of new subjects with wide range of applications related to modern needs, human resource development and their usefulness in the country's development and economy have been introduced. These subjects were previously available mostly in the private sector institutions and some in public sector universities with high fee structure, making them available for the privileged class, hence beyond the reach of the poor but deserving students mainly due to fee structure/financial constraints. Presently disciplines in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Information Technology, International Relations and Zoology and Microbiology are being run successfully; while some others we hope to start like Sociology etc. The demand regarding this has already been placed with an objective to make college a center of modern sciences.


When it comes to mandate, this college has a very limited authority to act as reformer. However remaining within its limits to get maximum use of its resources both financial, non-financial and other developmental plans, Government postgraduate College Mandian, Abbottabad is currently doing its best under the given charter policy, (Federal, Provincial, Local Laws) norms and demands.


The basic purpose of this and many other educational institutions is to impart education to the budding youth. Under the new set up, it is planned to depart gradually from the conventional educational program more common approach and move towards more realistic and market oriented one. Instead of confusing ourselves by following a socio political/classical concept of “Haves and have-nots", we prefer education for all.


Keeping in view this spirit, we provide ample opportunity especially to the less privileged class to acquire education in the field of modern educational programs. It is being thought, considered and realized to run the programs that say: Modern Education is a need of the day at the door steps of those who desire and deserve it.

Progress and Achievments

Since last couple of years this college is a focus for its academic activities.

1. Offering some of the modern and demanding disciplines in its BS Program.

2. In the process to equip the lab in these disciplines, like Microbiology and Biotechnology, while digital computer lab has already started functioning in Bioinformatics department.

3. Seminar library has some modern books while installation of digital/e-library is in progress and will be available from the current session. Computers labs are already equipped with modern systems.

4. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (H.E.C) placed this college in 'W' Category with second position in the province after quality evaluation inspection by its team in 2013.

5. Twenty nine BS students of the college won laptops on merit basis.