To provide quality education in the area. Govt. Post-Graduate college, Mandian came into existence in 1991 as an intermediate college in a rented building and shifted to the present beautiful and spacious campus in 1991. In fact it has been a success from its very inception. The college provides even facility needed for a quality education. The faculty is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to assist students in every possible way to prepare them for future challenges. Since its inception as an intermediate college in 1991, the college has steadily grown into a Post-Graduate college and gained a well-earned reputation. The college is very particular about exampler, discipline, monthly tests, revision tests and attendance in the classes. The college uniform, co-curricular and extra curricular activities are the hallmark of Govt. Post-Graduate college, Mandian. The college emphasizes the significance of imparting quality education with the help of monthly tests and arranging parent-teacher meetings to discuss academic progress. We believe that Govt. Post-Graduate College, Mandian Abbottabad is unique and lives up to the expectation of the student as it gives quality education in the ever best environment.


Govt. Post-Graduate College, Mandian has maintained high standard in sports, co-curricular and cultural activities. Our students bagged 1st position in wrestling, table tennis, basket ball, badminton, volley ball, kabaddi and hockey and 2nd position in cycling and football in Multan Board. The students also secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in Essay writing in English and Urdu at District level competitions.


GPGCM has also maintained high standards in Academics. As GPGCM is ranked very high for the quality of its teaching and results of the Intermediate, degree and Post-Graduate classes. It has been declared as one of the model college and has been selected to run Pilot program of BS-4 year.


Not only the results of the college are excellent but college also provides guidance to do research at Post-Graduate level, presently research project are available in Botany, Physics and Chemistry.


Incentives are a great source of motivation for students and talented students are encouraged to work hard in order to attain the highest position. Students who achieve good positions are a symbol of pride for their alma-meter.

1.The college grants fee-concession to deserving students. Students benefitting from this assistance are required to maintain their performance continuity.
2.Students can have kinship concessions as per rules.
3.Students are encouraged to participate in sports and oc-curricular activities. They can win medals, shields and cash prizes.


Students studying in GPGCM are awarded different types of scholarships to encourage and support their educational activities.
1. Students can win ICT scholarship on the basis of their NTS results. This scholarship make them eligible to study in world top ranking Universities like GIK, NUST,LUMS, FAST National University, UET and Bahria University etc. GPGCM has the honor to win maximum number of ICT Scholarship for the last three years as compared to any other college of Pakistan.
2. Mora Scholarship are also available to needy students only.
3. Merit scholarship are also awarded to talented students on the basis of their Board or University results.


Attendance is mentioned regularly and is computerized for analysis and to generate reports. The data is also used to make academic and administrative decisions. Parents are also informed about their children‘s attendance or unbecoming behavior. Computerizing attendance record has made it possible to have greater cooperation from parents in initiating remedial action regarding irregular and erratic behavior of students.


Student’s academic progress is evaluated through monthly class tests and revision tests. Their performance in tests is also computerized and parents are informed on a regular basis.



The debating society is an integral part of campus co-curricular activities. It expands student’s intellect and increase their communicative skills. The society arranges regular debates and declamation contests to give students the opportunity to develop their public speaking skill and gain confidence.



The college encourages self-expression through GPGCM magazine, which is a blend of Urdu, Punjabi and English articles. The young minds at GPGCM provide a challenging panorama of views on diverse issues ranging from social stagnation to intellect.



Educational institutions not only impart education to student but also mould their personalities as a whole. Every year GPGCM holds annual sports events which providesathletics the opportunity to display their abilities. GPGCM sportsmen have bagged numerous titles and awards in Board and University competitions bringing many glorious the institution.


An important milestone at the end of each of academic session is the prize distribution and farewell functions, for which copious arrangement are made. These memorable events reflect a period of hade work and the personal development to the outgoing students of GPGCM.


In order to impress upon students the importance of discipline and to cultivate a sense of affinity each student is issued an identity card and it is compulsory for every student to display it during college hours.


At the request of most parents and keeping in view our social, religious and cultural heritage we have a compulsory uniform for students.


Library of GPGCM is considered as one of the big libraries among the educational institutions. More than 50,000 books on different subjects are available here encouraging all readers and students to spend more time in the library. It will strengthen your responsibility.

Leave Regulations

Leave application must be signed by the father/guardian of the student.
Students of F.A., F.Sc. should get their application recommended up to seven days by their Urdu Teachers, B.A., B.Sc. students by their English Teachers and M.A., M.Sc. students by their H.O.Ds.
Application exceeding seven days should be recommended by senior tutor after the recommendation of above mentioned tutor.
A medical certificate is must for medical leave application by any doctor of a Govt. Hospital.
Fine for absence in each period will be 50 paisas. Students remaining absent for continuous period of 6 days or overall 10 days in a calendar month will be struck off from college roll.


The name is struck off on account of absentees or non-payment of fee. For readmission get a proposed form from the office and have a report that which teacher has recommended your name to struck off for readmission. Then after being recommended by the concerned teacher you can get readmission after the permission by Academic Incharge. Students will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100/- along with the Rs. 50/- readmission fee. Readmission is allowed only for once, Readmission can only be done within 10 days of name struck off according to the decision of Academic council and College Council provided that the student brings his/her father or guardian along with him/her


Examinations is a useful source of assessing the standard of students and future planning. Therefore monthly tests of Intermediate classes are conducted on regular basis and results are mailed at the residential addresses of the students. On the basis of their results, students are given prizes and certificates of honour. Similarly monthly test are arranged for 3rd year and 4th year classes. However promotion test is a must for 3rd year classes to be upgraded to the next class.

Rules/Regulation for College Test

Academic Council determines the rules/regulations for promotion tests. All students will have to abide by these rules. Sick students should send their attested medical certificate duly signed by Medical Superintendent of Govt. Hospital before or during the examination. Application/ certificate submitted after the examination will not be accepted. Student copying or helping other can be struck off from the College.


75% attendance is compulsory in all the subjects for the board and university examinations. While 80% attendance is a must in the practicals.