Havelian cantonment is one of the centers of educational, cultural and economic activities in hazara division. Historically it has been one of the main business hubs of the region. Two national assets CAD and PDF bestow is a strategic significance. With a varied cultural and historic background situated along a Karakorumhighway. Havelian is a gateway to Beautiful Giliat Valley and Northern areas.

To cater for the educational needs of the area this college was established in the year of 1974 at intermediate level. Initially classes were started in a school building. It was shifted from school building to its own spacious purpose built campus which was inaugurated by the then governor of the province on 3-5-1984. College campus comprises main block, scienceblock, twohostels,liberary and well –equipped science and computer labs.

Keeping in view the current scenario and in compliance with the instructions and direction of government of KPK, strict security measures have been taken which include appointment of well-armed security guards’ raising on boundary wall, installation of CCTV cameras and barbed wires