Dues/Fee Structure
The following dues are charged at the intermediate,two years degree
Class Admission Tution General Fund Security Board/Uni Reg. Fee Sports Social work Computer Charges Computer Security Total
F.Sc-I 250 550 625 1000 280 80 2785
F.A-I 250 500 625 1000 280 80 2785
F.Sc-I (Cmp) 250 550 625 1000 280 80 1000 3785

Re-admission Fee



  1. Security in clearance of 2nd Year and 4th Year classes and before exam will be refunded once in a year.
  2. Two scholarships at a time are not allowed.
  3. Scholarship will be withdrawn from the students who are absent for more than six days in short attendance i.e. below 75%.
  4. Failed students will not be entitled to any concession and the same will be withdrawn before issue of failed D.M.C.
  5. Re admission within fifteen days once academic year is allowed.