It is indeed a moment of great pleasure for me to be the Principal of GGDC no.2 Hayatabad Peshawar . Since its foundation in 2002, the college has been one of the profound institution of the city of Peshawara, in shaping the density of young girls, through the excellence of teaching and safe, constructive educational enviroment.

My experiance, being a part of Higher Education Department made my this belief stronger that education plays a virtual role in building up the character of indivitual.One of the sublime verses in the Holy Quran is

" Can those who have Knowledge and those who do not , be a like? so only the wise do recieve the admonition" (Al Zumar)

And we must be exponents of this superb conviction, by keeping the ideal, to rouse the prograssive forces. It is my earnest desire to make this institute one of the great source of learning and provide quality education to the young girls of this region .

May tre Greatest Almighty Allah bless us with all the pre requisites to deliver our responsibilities effectively. Ameen


Mrs. Saeeda Begum