Govt Akhtar Nawaz Khan (Shaheed) Degree College KTS, Haripur

A huge population of the Tarbela Dam affectees resides in the North-West of Haripur. This is called “Khalabat Township”. Its population is more than one hundred thousand individuals. It is a point of great honour and esteem that the people of Haripur especially those of Khalabat Township, played an extremely dynamic and historical role in the economic, agricultural and energy development of Pakistan. Their sacrifices are unprecedented. This is recorded on the pages of history that these people willingly deserted their homes, assets, and almost all of their belongings and settled in Khalabat Township. All this was done for the development of their beloved homeland, Pakistan.


It is more than ironic to say that the sacrifices rendered by the Tarbela People did not get even the equal redemption, what to take of more than the sacrifices. Due to the neglect on the part of the governments, poverty, unemployment and educational backwardness crept in the lives of the Khalabat people. It was tragic to have lost one world and the other not yet born. Educational institutes happened to be immensely meager as compared to the size of the population. Apart from a few schools, no institute could be developed for higher education.


Looking at this pathetic situation, in 2004-05, the them provincial government took some epoch making decisions. One of such decisions was to decrease and ultimately eliminate the educational deprivation of the people of Khalabat. The inspiration, the fundamental pivot and the driving force was Akhtar Nawaz Khan Shaeed, the then provincial minister for transport and fisheries. The spirit of renaissance was to the bones of Akhtar Nawaz Khan Shaheed. His decades old vision turned into a broad-day-light reality, and Govt. Degree College (for boys) and Govt. Degree College (for girls) were established. So, at last, the 30 years deprivation, backwardness and economic exploitation of the khalabat people, head at least a pause, if not a full stop. 

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Admissions Open

Date: Sunday 02 Sep, 2018
Admissions in 1st yaer are open at Govt. Akhtar Nawaz Khan (Shaheed) Degree College KTS, Haripur. All students who want to apply, must sumbit applicat...

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Admissions Open for Session 2018-19

Date: Thursday 05 Jul, 2018
Online Applications are invited for the admission in First Year Science and Arts from the candidates who have passed SSC exam having domicile of Distr...

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Message of the Principal

Date: Wednesday 17 May, 2017
I alongwith my staff members, welcome you in Govt. Akhtar Nawaz Khan (Shaheed) Degree College KTS. Dear student, to shape up your personality, we hav...

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