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Mardan,a region communicating Afghanistan and the rest of India in the past,has an important historical and geographical position.Alexander the great reached this valley through kunar, swat and buner in 326 BC.After Alexander's death ,the valley came under the rule of chandra gupta,ashoka the great and others buddhist rulers who introduced buddhism and the vally became a great centre of learning, education and civilization .Towards the end of 7th century AD Afghans appeared on the scene brought Islam with them.After Sultan Sabukatagin his son Mahmood of Ghazani used the valley regularly to attack India time and again.The Afghans were followed by the Mughals and the Mughals were followed by Sikhs and finaly the Britsh Raj till 1947, when the people democratically decided to join Pakistan.

It seems as if it was easy for the forign aggressor to rule the valley but the great people fought continuously for their independence .They were so brave that no aggressor and dictator felt at home here and the people of the valley earned the name "MARDAN" for themselves .It means man with charisma and courage .Hence the area is called Mardan.

As history testifies ,Mardan has always been the centre of learning and civilization ,and today this thirst for learning and education is proved by the number of edcational institutions in the city and its suburbs.Govt.Degree College Khairabad  is a valuable addition to the number.since its foundation in 1975,it has played a plausible role in educating the youth of the locality ,and deserves to be ranked as one of the top most colleges of the District.

The College presents a favorable enviroment with committed and professional faculty and sincere and devoted administration . We hope that in the comming few years, with our goal and mission infront of us ,we will be able to be one of the top most institutions of the province and we promise that we will guide you to the zenith of success ,civilization and educations.

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