Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission



The vision of GGDC Sarai Saleh is to enlighten, facilitate, encourage and support the Women of tomorrow with quality education and confidence to meet the challenges of the changing world.


To be one of the leading colleges of KPK with needed talents and opportunities when young girls of the nation in general and those of Hazara in particular could be proud of seeking knowledge.

To inculcate in them a sense of competition, cooperation, dedication and recognition of human and individual worth

To polish, groom and enhance the talent and inner potentialities of the students of GGDC.

Goals & Values

The objectives of GGDC Sarai Saleh are: -

  1. To rebound to the needs of diverse Society.
  2. To provide education at the highest possible standard.
  3. To prepare students for rewarding careers in a challenging environment.
  4. To nurture integrity, responsibility and creativity in personal character.

To encourage spiritual faithfulness in diverse traditions.