College History

College History


Government Degree college KDA Kohat was established in 2001. Before the establishment of this institution, only one college GPGC Kohat was existed which took its start in 1953, was quenching the thirst for knowledge of not only the people of Kohat but Karak, Hangu and the adjacent tribal, Because no college existed in these areas but with the passage of time it could not afford and accommodate the increasing number of the students. Keeping in view this the establishing of one other college a dire need to cope with the situation. So due to the personal interest of the then governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah the foundation of this institution were laid down. The lofty building of which can seen in the bottom of magnificent hills and among the lush green field of “Bayyana”.

The College started its function in the year 2001 and students entered in to various classes for the secession 2001-2002. At inter level this college is affiliated with BISE Kohat and a degree level it is affiliated with KUST.

Almighty ALLAH bestowed Kohat not only with geographical beauty but also bestowed with other blessings. Kohat won an important position in the galaxy of culture, Knowledge and literature etc. Kohat produce many giants in various field. Govt Degree College KDA Kohat has its dire share in it. In spite of limited and unlimited problems this college continued in the development and promotion an educated society. Many people educated from here and now serving the beloved country in various areas like education, defence, health and engineering.

To bring this institution it part with the national educational policy the present administration of the college under the captaincy of Prof. Dr Mir Ghulam as launching BS 4 years program in various disciplines in the forth coming session. In first face the administrators intends to launch BS classes in Biological and Physical Sciences.