Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations



The college is proud of its standard of discipline and every student is expected at all time to maintain the tradition of the college .

To maintain strict discipline the college has a proctorial system,college council and discipline committee which help the principal and enforcing the discipline .Any infringement will result in the or students name being struck-off from the college roll.

  • A student shall pay due respect to the professors ,other staff members and fellow student.
  • No student is allowed to leave the college without the permission of the teacher / cheif proctor .
  • No srikes ,boycotts and demonstration are allowed.
  • Visitors are not allowed to see a student during classes.
  • Pasteing of stickers ,writing of slogons and display of banners in the college is banned.
  • Students without uniform will be denied entry to the college.
  • Students are required to pay their monthly fines other due according to the schedule ,otherwise the students will be fined Rs.5 /- per day upto maximum 10 days . later on their names will be struck off from the college roll.
  • Students as per rule are promoted to the next class just after the completion of Board/University Exam.
  • The fees once paid are not refundable in any case.(except general security).
  • The leave icharge will sanction leave application upto 3 days .
  • The principal will sanction leave application for more than 3 days if the reason is accordingly.
  • Any kind of leave exceeding 2 days shall be sanctioned when the appilcation is granted by the parents/guardians ,
  • Sick leave for 6 days and more will be sanctioned only on the production of medical certificate counter sign by the MS.
  • Separate examination fee will be charged by the student according to the notification of Board / University.
  • Students who will not appear in the college Home Exam will be fined Rs.300/- per paper and Rs.200 /- per paper in case of failure in each paper.
  • A fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged for each book that is kept for more than 15 days. Rs 5/- absent for each period, Rs.10/- absent from the college, Rs.10/- absent from the practical and Rs.20/- absent daily from the college without college card.
  • A student will be struck off from the college if she remains absent for 6 days without sufficient reason of absence.
  • Married students have to make sure their presence regular .Otherwise this matter will be rendered to Director. Re-admission fee will be Rs 5000/- except admisssion fee. For Re-admission ,the student will have to take permission from Director Higher Education as according to the above mentioned dues procedure.
  • If any student found against the rules and regulation of the college or found any type of harm to the college property ,Rs.100/-to Rs.5000/- will be charged as fine according to the college council staff.
  • Only two time Re-admission is admisible.
  • A library book lost or damaged will have to be replaced by the borrower or the prevailing triple cost of the book will have to be paid.
  • Migrated student shall be charged whole fee for the entire session .
  • Chief Proctor and the members of Proctorial Board are fully authorized to fine the students Rs 5/- if they are found in:
  1. Untidy uniform
  2. Coming late to college Rs.5/- and Rs.50/- for early going from the college without Principal permission card.
  3. Special fine Rs.50/- will be charged if the students are found absent in rainy day and before and after the holiday/vacations.