How to Apply

How to Apply


Step2: Click on signup to create your account.

  • Enter your CNIC/ Form B number (if any).
  • Enter your Email Address (if you have email address).
  • Enter Your Mobile Number. (This is important. Give your valid mobile number which will be used as your username. Also SMS will be sent on this number to update you about your application).
  • Select your mobile number network.
  • Enter a password.
  • Confirm your password.
  • Click on “Create Account”.
  • A SMS will be sent to you which will contain your Username and Password. Kindly remember your username and password for further use.

Step3: Verification with Board Data: Select your Academic information. The Name, Father Name and your academic details will be retrieved from Board.

  • Select your Highest Exam Passed. Which will be “SSC”.
  • Select your Study Group (Science or Arts).
  • Select your Session (Annual, Supplementary)
  • Select Your Passing year.
  • Select your Board from where you have passed Matric Examination.
  • Enter your Matric Roll Number.
  • Click on “Verification with Board”. It will display Personal Information, your Name and Father Name will appear. The academic information and marks details will appear later. If your name is not displayed then enter all the Personal and Academic information manually.

Step4: Personal Information. Your name and your father name will be displayed. Fill out all form. Kindly provide correct information. Check your details thoroughly; it will not be changed once entered.

  • Enter your Date of Birth (as per Matric Certificate)
  • Select your Province.
  • Select your Domicile.
  • Enter Parents mobile no.
  • Enter Parents CNIC No.
  • Enter your land line number (Optional)
  • Enter your Permanent address.
  • Select your Province.
  • Select your District.
  • Select Your Tehsil.
  • Enter Your Mailing Address.
  • Select Your Province.
  • Select Your District.
  • Select Your Tehsil.
  • Select Your Religion.
  • Select your Gender.
  • Select Your Marital Status.
  • Upload your recent Picture (optional).
  • Click on Save & Next. A message will be displayed “check your information. It will not be changed later. Click OK to continue or CANCEL to Review”. Click OK if your information is correct.

It will save the information and will show your academic details.

Step 5: Academic Information. Your academic information retrieved from Board will be displayed here. Thoroughly check your academic details. If there is any issue, correct it here. The information you entered here will not be changed later. If your data is not displayed here, enter all the information manually. Follow the instructions on the right side of the page.

  • Select your Higher Exam Passed.
  • Select Your Study Group (Science or Arts) in Matric Exam.
  • Select Province of your Board.
  • Select your board.
  • Select your session of exam (Annual or Supplementary)
  • Select Your Matric Exam Passing year.
  • Enter Your Roll number.
  • Enter Your Marks Obtained.
  • Enter Total Marks.
  • Select Your Grade in Matric Exam.
  • Select Hafiz-e-Quran if you are Hafiz-e-Quran.
  • Check your Details again as it will not be changed later.
  • Click on “Save Information”. A message will be displayed to check you information. If your information is correct click “OK” or click “Cancel” to review your information.

After Completion of your Profile, you will now be able to apply to a college. To apply, follow the following steps.

Step 6: Applying to a College:

  • Select District where you want to apply.
  • Select College to which you want to apply.
  • Select Desired Level of Studies “Intermediate”.
  • Select Program (Arts, Science, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, General Science, and Computer Science).
  • Select request against Quota. Select local in the following cases.
  • Select Local if your domicile is of the same district where college is located.
  • Select local if you have passed your matric exam from the district where college is located.
  • Select local if your parents are working as a Govt. Servant in the same district where college is located.

Otherwise select other Quotas (non-Local, Sports, Disabled, and College Employees). You will have to produce relevant document at the time of interview.

  • Tick Mark the deceleration statement and click “submit application”.

It will show you application form. Review your application. If the application is correct click on “submit and pay application processing fee”.

After Click on “Submit & Pay Application Processing Fee” it will show you short detail of your application.

A) Click on “Proceed with Payment” to pay the application Processing fee i-e Rs=100 per application. It will show the following with Token number. Kindly note the token number. A message will also be sent to you on your mobile number having the token number for this specific application.

B) Go to the nearest Jazz Cash shop before the date mentioned near the token number and deposit Rs= 100 against this token number. You will receive another message “Dear Customer, your Payment of Rs.100.00 against the order # XXXXX has been received. PRN XXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank you for using Jazz Cash.”

C) After Depositing Rs=100. You received a message from HEDGoKP “You have successfully submitted you application in “College Name” for “Program Name” in “Quota” ”.

D) Click on “Back to Dashboard” to view your application. The Payment status will be changed to verified when you deposit Rs.100.

E) Repeat the step no 6 if you want to apply for another college or submit an application for another program in the same college. Click on “New Admission Request” to submit another application.

F) Visit www. to view merit lists of all college. If you are shortlisted in a merit list, you will receive a message from “HEDGoKP” about your shortlisting. Also check regularly for merit list and updates.