Proctoral Board

Proctoral Board



Discipline and good manners are the most important factors for education and training. Peaceful and congenial educational environment contributes to the achievements of the objectives that are the basis of national character building. A Proctorial board is, therefore, organized to persuade students to observe perfect discipline. It has two main chapters: Members are appointed from among the teaching staff, called the staff proctors, while the other chapter works under the supervision of the first, and consists of senior students. A suitable person from amongst the teaching staff is appointed as the head of the Proctorial board known as the Chief Proctor.

Proctorial board keeps a vigilant eye on the general attitude/behaviour of the students and helps in the maintenance of discipline. They have to perform the under mentioned duties:

(i) To make sure that discipline is properly maintained.

(ii) To be present in the college during functions, Board/University examinations,

sports and other competitions.

(iii)To ensure that the students are in proper uniform and represent the college in an appropriate manner in all functions and at all occasions.


  1. In the best interest of the college, the Chief Proctor, Additional Chief Proctor and the staff proctor may extend the range of duties of the Proctorial monitors to check indiscipline and indecency among the students even outside the college premises.

  2. The Principal, in consultation with the college council, may rusticate a student or revoke his privileges if found guilty of gross misconduct, misbehaviour, inefficiency or any irregularity.