Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations:

Fines Rules:

In case of emergency students are allowed to avail only two leaves in a month. Students who have already availed two days leave and then absent themselves from any class/lectures or practical will be fined Rs20./-per period. Special fine will be imposed by the College Administrations on students absenting themselves from the College Examinations. Fine of Rs.50/-per day will be imposed on students who come to the College and do not attend the classes. Fine of Rs.10/-shall be imposed for each violation of uniform specifications Special fines may be imposed on continuous absence from College/Classes without information, absence from College Functions, irregularity, dereliction or breach of discipline In Inter and Degree Classes the attendance must be75%.otherwise student will not allow to sit in Final Examinations.

College leaving Rules:

The application for College leaving must be signed by the parents or gaurdian. The Students must pay college dues untill they are strucked off from the college strength. College leaveing certificate will be isssued only when all dues are paid.

Struck off Rules:

1. After admission if any student remain absent from college for one week, she will be struck off.

2. If during the session any student will be absent for six days continuous in one or more than one subjects without application then she will be struck off.

3. If any student disobeys rules and regulations of college, she will be struck off.

4. If during studying, any student will be found to get admission in any other institute or doing job, then she will be struck off.

5. If any student found in political issues then she will be struck off under rule of Supreme Court.

6. In admission form it is essential to write the home address and Telephone number of her father or home, so we will contact in any emergency.

Re-Admission Rules:

1. After the struck off only within 15 days re-admission will be possible.

2. In re-admission the entire fee must be pay according to college rule with addition to Rs 200/- fine. And student must be attending college regularly.

3. If any student struck off twice, will not be allowed for re-admission.