I welcome you to the official web of Government Girls Degree College Nahaqi which is providing first-rate education to its students and accentuate accomplishing personal standards of excellence in academic, sports, and cultural activities. Here, you have an opportunity to learn about our institution, our history and future plans as well as our staff and programs. I think you will like what you see.

The foundation of the college was laid in 2003 and since then it is very proud of the reputation it has established for providing opportunities for its students to experience success both in and beyond the classroom. Since its establishment the college has the pride of producing graduates who are manning different sectors at the provincial and national level. Government Girls Degree College Nahaqi is committed to excellence in academics in our classrooms and personal attention to our students in and outside the classroom. Our strengths are: competent and dedicated faculty, passionate and diverse students, relevant and well equipped facilities. We believe that the opportunity for higher education should be available to all who seek it and we will continue to meet the on-going challenges of imparting higher education in the years ahead.

I invite you to join us.