Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission


Govt. Girls Degree College town ship follows 1400 years old message given by our Holy Prophet (SAW) saying that seek knowledge until death. This institution provides quality education in discipline like practical science human knowledge advanced studies; social science. The fundamental purpose of the college is to create such environment that could become source of knowledge and betterment. Our aim is to educate youth about its future role so that he could tackle the challenges that our state faces today efficiently and competently.

This institution aims at promoting the spirit of self-dependence among its students. We are putting our best efforts in providing the best manpower for the World in general and for Pakistan in particular, so that the modern challenges could be tackled successfully and create the spirit of brotherhood across the world. This college discourages the outdated thinking and superstition in all its forms and manifestation. So that student could get experience about the different walks of life and by following new ways and channels perform positive role.

This college encourages and guides its students the way considered the best in all respects. To explore latent potential of the students with the help of an environment of competition is also formal part of our objective. We have determination and hope that students get equipped with such spirit and self-confidence that they enlarge victories in every walk of life and thus become a great asset for Pakistan as well as the whole Muslim ummah.

  • Self-confidence and firm faith.
  • Knowledge and grace.
  • Services to humanity regardless race and colour caste and greed.
  • Civilized ways.
  • Recognition to civilization value and attachment to religious values.
  • Comprehensive and human friendly objective.
  • Sports and arts.