Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Dear Prospective Students,

Indeed it is matter of immense pleasure for me to record my words of welcome to the newly admitted students who want to be enrolled in this institution eager to enhance the range of their knowledge and learning in order to face the challenges of the future with stead fastness and perseverance.

These younglings with the burring desire for the accumulation and acquisition of knowledge hankering after it with spirit and vigour will be provided ample oppertunity for the fulfillment of the same desire.This institution which is in a state of progress and prosperity has well qualified,hardworking and well conversant faculty keenly interested to share their knowledge will certainly play a key role in the improvement of their untapped talents by steering them in the right direction through teaching and counseling.

Finally I hope that during their stay in this institution,their personalities will be shaped,character refined and soul purified,intellect sharped,made pragmatic to contribute positively in evolving a healthy society based upon ppeace and social justice.

Professor Mir Afzal Khan (BPS-20)

M.Sc Economics