Degree Level

Degree Level



I. Bachelor of Arts (B.A):

Besides compulsory subjects of English, Islamic Education(Part-I) and Pak Studies (Part-II), students should select one subject from the following each group:-

Group-A:- History, Islamic Studies, Political Science

Group-B:- English Elective, Law, Pashto, Arabic


Combination-A: Maths-A, statistics

Combination-B: Geography, Statistics

II. B.S 4 year:

BS programme has become a need of the day. It provides a standard education to the students which make them excel against those who still move through the annual education system.The college offers admission in BS 4 years programme in the following disciplines:

1. Islamiyat 2. LAW 3.Physics 4.Chemistry 5. Botany 6. Zoology

7.Mathematics 8.Urdu 9. Geography