Fee Structutre

Fee Structutre



The following dues are changed at the intermediate, two years degree levels.

A Government Dues

Tuition Fee Admission Fee Re admission Fee

F.A Rs. 500/-P.A Rs, 250/- P.A Rs. 250/-

FSc Rs. 550/- P.A Rs. 250/- P.A Rs. 250/-

B.A Rs. 600/- P.A Rs. 300/-P.A Rs. 300/-

BSc Rs. 600/- P.A Rs. 300/- P.A Rs. 300/-

B Hostel Fee Hostel Admission Fee Hostel Room Rent

Rs. 350/- P.A Rs. 350/- P.A

C Pupils Funds

i. General Fund Rs. 526 /- P.A or 263/- P.S (From all students)

ii. General Security Rs. 500/- (Refundable)

  1. Computer Security Rs.1000/-(Refundable)(From Comp; Sc; Students only)
  2. Computer stationary charges Rs. 1000/-P.A or Rs. 500/- P.S From Comp; Sc; Students only)
  3. Hostel Fund Rs. 609/-P.A or Rs. 309/-P.S (From boarders only)

NOTE: General Fund and Hostel Fund shall increase @ 5%per annum.

D BISE Dues (For 1st year students)

Registration Fee Rs. ______/- (As per BISE requirement)

Sports Fund Rs. ______/- (As per BISE requirement)

E University Dues (For 3rd year students)

Registration Fee Rs. ______/- (As per University requirement)

Social work Fee Rs. ______/-(As per University requirement)

Sports Fund Rs. ______/- (As per University requirement)


  1. All dues must be paid in advance by the students seeking admission to the Part-I of their respective courses.
  2. 2nd year and 4th year students have to deposit all the dues before the commencement of their classes.
  3. Roll Numbers of Board/University examinations are issued only when a student clears his dues and has the required number of attendance at his credit.
  4. BISE registration Fee and Sports Fee is payable by 1st year Students only.
  5. University Registration Fee, Social Work Fee and Sports Fund Fee, if any, is payable only by 3rd Year Students only.
  6. Students studying Computer Science at any level shall pay the computer stationary charges in every year/semester of their studies.
  7. Security should be claimed within one month of the termination of the public examination, otherwise it will be forfeited in favor of the government.