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3rd Provisional Merit list for session 2023 [Govt. Degree College Chitral] Arts/Humanities (District Local)

# Tracking ID Name Father Name Total Obtained Net Marks Percentage Remarks
1SEP202367723Muhammad Farooq UddinAdam Khan110081781774.27
2SEP202363894Muhammad WaqasMuhammad Naeem110075875868.91
3SEP2023191960DaniyalManzal Alam110074974968.09
4SEP202382211Junaid Ahmad Javed Ahmad 110074074067.27
5SEP202373604Zubair AsadAsad Ullah110072372365.73
6SEP2023157095Shehram Khan Feroz Khan110071671665.09
7SEP2023199144Mufeez AkbarAli Akbar Khan110071571565
8SEP2023168018Syed IbrarSyed Muhammad110071271264.73
9SEP2023117497Izhar Ahmad Imtiaz Ahmad 110071071064.55
10SEP2023190763Tanzil Ur Rahman Inayat Ur Rahman 110070170163.73
11SEP2023197537Hammad NasirAbdul Nasir Khan110069169162.82
12SEP202352476Zaid Bin ZahidMuhammad Zahid110068868862.55
13SEP2023153864Tehsin NasirNasir Ullah Khan110067767761.55
14SEP2023187840Mansoor AhmadMuhammad Aslam110067167161
15SEP2023149247AsadullahFazal Mehmood110064466460.36Hafiz-e-Quran
16SEP2023154475Khurram MumtazMumtaz110066166160.09
17SEP20238662Yaqeen Ali ShahPinin Shah110065565559.55
18SEP2023160736Muhammad YaminAbdul Karim 110063963958.09
19SEP2023160639Junaid Ur RehmanAbdul Khaliq110063863858
20SEP2023188511Abdul WahabAbdus Sattar110063763757.91
21SEP2023158430Wali UllahAhmad Wali110064063557.731 Session(s) Missed
22SEP202327240Salman Amin BaigAkhtar Amin110063563557.73
23SEP2023184528Saudul FaisalMeraj Ud Din110063163157.36
24SEP202375777Bilal Syed Anwar Syed Khan110062162156.45
25SEP2023177869Intikhab Ahmad Muhammad Nabi Khan 110061461455.82
26SEP2023185560Afaq HussainGul Hussain Shah110061261255.64
27SEP202381344Rasheed AhmadAhmad Sulaiman Khan110057957952.64
28SEP202350637Rahat IlyasMuhammad Ilyas110051051046.36

Important Dates:

Admission starting date: 25-Sep-2023
Admission last date: 26-Sep-2023


Short listed candidates are directed to ensure their admission within given days mentioned in the merit list otherwise they will lose their right to admission. Candidate has to appear before admission committee for interview with following documents

  1. Admission Fee
  2. Printed Admission Form
  3. All original documents and 4 picture with while background
  4. 2 Attested Copies of Matric DMC
  5. 2 Attested Copies of Domicile
  6. 2 Attested Copies Character Certificate
  7. 2 Attested Copies of self CNIC or father CNIC
  8. Original Affidavit
  9. Certificate if shorted listed on quota ( Sports/ Hafiz Ul Quran, Service Certificate)