Name of Committee

Membership/Assigned to

College council

  1. Ms Yasmeen(principal)
  2. Ms.ZahidaBano(Associate prof. Eng)
  3. Ms Talat(Associate prof. Urdu)
  4. Ms ShahiSultan(Asstt. Prof. Statistics)

Admission committee (1st year)/Subject change

Chairperson : Ms Yasmeen(Principal)

Incharge: Ms Nagina(Lect. Eng)


  1. Ms. Salma(Lect. Physics)
  2. Ms.Seema(Lect. Mathematics)
  3. Nighat Ayub(Asstt. Prof. Computer Sc.)

Admission committee (3rd year)/ subject change

Chairperson : Ms Yasmeen(Principal)

Incharge:Ms. Shahi Sultan(Asstt. Prof. Statistics)


  1. Ms.Farrukh (Asstt. Prof. Chemistry)
  2. Ms. Marina(Lect. Home Economics)

Discipline committee/proctorial board

Chief proctor/director sports:

Ms Tallat(Associate Professor Urdu)


Ms. Salma, Ms.ShabanaFaiz, Ms.Sarwat, Ms.Gul Rukh, Ms.Tamsila

College cleanliness committee

Main Block: Ms.SahiraTaj

Degreeside: Ms.Gul Rukh

Science block:

Ms.Shabana Faiz(upstairs)

Ms Salma (ground floor)

IT Block:


Ms Farkhanda(Ground floor)

Overall cleanliness: Ms.Shehzadi

Gardening/plantation committee

Incharge: Ms.Naila Shah, Ms. Sana Tahir

Ministerial staff/Class-IV Attendance


Bachelors Hostel Incharge

Ms. Sahira Taj

Staff Attendance

Ms.Zahida Bano

Student’s Attendance Register

Ms.Tallat Qamar

Struck off/re-admission

Ms.Nagina, Ms.Shahzadi, Ms.Saima

Incharge college crockery

Ms. Marina

College Bus Incharge

Ms. Sana Tahir

Incharge Time Table

Ms.Night Ayub

Bell Incharge


Incharge social work

Arts Group: Ms Marina

Science Group: Ms Neelofar

Notice board Incharge


Furniture Incharge



Computer/IT Lab Incharge

Ms.Nighat Ayub

Fine Incharge


Fund Checking (Govt. &Pvt fund)

Ms.Nighat Ayub

Statistical return

Ms Shahi Sultan

Fee Concession

Ms.Saima, Ms Sarwat, Ms.Farkhanda

Canteen Incharge

Ms.Sarwat, Ms Marina

Functions Refreshment committee

  1. Ms Marina
  2. Ms Shagufta(lab Asst)
  3. Ms.Shazia(Lab Asst)
  4. Ms SeemaFeroz(Lab Asst)
  5. Ms.Seema Hamid(lab Asst)

First Aid committee

  1. Ms SeemaFeroz
  2. Ms Shagufta

Student security

  1. Ms Gul Rukh
  2. Ms.Tamsila

M/Repair and contingency committee

  1. Ms.Farkhanda
  2. Ms Tamsila

Seating arrangement:

Functions, Debates & Examination

  1. Ms Shagufta(lab Asst)
  2. Ms.Shazia(Lab Asst)
  3. Ms SeemaFeroz(Lab Asst)
  4. Ms.Seema Hamid(lab Asst)

Issuance & return Prospectus

  1. Ms Shagufta(Lab Asst)
  2. Ms.Shazia(Lab Asst)
  3. Ms SeemaFeroz(Lab Asst)
  4. Ms.Seema Hamid(lab Asst)


Controller: Ms Tallat Qamar

Deputy Controller: Ms Shahi Sultan

Asst. Controller: Nighat Ayub


  1. Ms.Nagina

Monthly Test Register And Tabulation of Home Exam

F.SC -I/ F.A -I : Ms.Seema

F.SC- II/ F.A -II:Ms.Mussarat

B.Sc- I:Ms.Naila(Botany)

B.Sc-II: Ms Shabana Faiz

B.A- I: Ms.Shahzadi

B.A -II: MS. Madeeha

Board university result preparation

F.A/F.Sc: Ms.Nighat Ayub

B.A/ MS. Shahzadi

Board University form/Fee Collection

First Year:Ms. Salma

Second Year: Ms.Nadia

Third Year: Ms Marina

Fourth Year: Ms.ShabanaFaiz

Saima: to assist all the teachers

Staff Room Incharge

Ms Sahira Taj

Incharge Guest Room


Staff Secretary

Ms.Zahida Bano


Ms Nadia Gul

Purchase committee

Ms.Farrukh, Ms.Nelofar, Ms.Nighat Ayub

Ms. Salma

Machinery and Equipments


Incharge MIS

Ms.Nighat Ayub

Incharge AMS

Ms.Nighat Ayub