Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level



  1. Pre-Medical Group(F.Sc)

English,Urdu,Islamic Education(Part-I) and Pakistan Studies(Part-II)

Physics,Chemistry,Botany (Part-I) and Zoology (Part-II)

B. Pre-Engineering Group (F.Sc)

English,Urdu,Islamic Education(Part-I)and Pakistan Studies (Part-II)

Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics

C. Computer Science Group(F.Sc) Part-I&II

Mathematics,Physics and Computer Science

D..Inter Science Part I&II

Statistics, Mathematics, Economics

E. Humanities Group (F.A.) Part-I&II

Besides English, Urdu and Islamic Education(Part-I) and Pakistan Studies (Part-II) which are compulsory subjects, the candidates are required to select one group not subjects from different groups of the following:

  • History, Civics and Islamic Studies
  • History, Civics and Geography
  • History, Islamic Studies and Pashto
  • History, Islamic Studies and Health and Physical Education(HPE)

Group-E. HPE, Library Science and Islamic Studies