In compliance with the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, I Mr. _____________________________________

Son/Ward of ________________________________ candidate for admission to ______________ at Government

Degree College Ghazni Khel Lakki Marwat, do hereby undertake that, after my admission and during the course of my

studies in/ at the college, I shall not indulge in politics. In case I violate this undertaking, I shall be expelled from the college without any further notice from the Principal of the college. Furthermore, the finding with regard to my “indulgence in politics” given by the Principal under his seal and signature shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


Signature of Student.

Full Name.________________________________

Father/Guardian's Name. ___________________

N.I.C /Registration No._____________________

Permanent Address.________________________



(To be filled by the Father/Guardian of the student)

I Mr. __________________________________________Father/Guardian of _________________________________

hereby fully endorse that the undertaking given by my son/ward that in regard to his indulgence in politics give by the Principal under his sign and seal shall be final and will not be questioned except before the supreme court of Pakistan and that in case of his violation of the undertaking, he will be expelled from the college without any further notice.


Signature of Father/Guardian of the student).

Full Name.________________________________

Father/Guardian's Name. ____________________

N.I.C /Registration No._______________________

Permanent Address.________________________



Witness No.1. Witness No.2

Name.____________________________ Name.___________________________

Signature._________________________ Signature.________________________

Father's name._____________________ Father's name.____________________

NIC No.__________________________ NIC No. _________________________

Permanent Address.________________ Permanent Address._______________

______________________________ _______________________________

Attested (Signature & Seal of the Competent Authority)


Every effort has been made to provide updated information in these documents. However, the college administration reserves the right to make any changes whenever it deem it necessary without any notice. In all cases, where rules/regulations are silent or where there is difference of opinion about their interpretation, the decision of the college council shall be final.