Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities



The role of the co curricular activities cannot be denied in the character building of the students. Keeping in view this objective, various types of competitions e.g., Husni Qirat, Naat Khwani, Debates etc. are held regularly to flourish the sense of competition among the students. All the college students are invited to take part in these activities enthusiastically. Prizes, certificates are awarded to the winning students in the annual day function held at the end of the session.


Mental growth and physical development is must for a healthy mind. To enhance mental abilities and physical potentialities of the students all facilities of sports and training are provided. The college students have been showing commendable performance in the board and university tournaments for the last few years and have won distinctions in some games


To sharpen the intellectual abilities and literary skills of the students, GPGC Charsadda publishes its annual magazine HASHTNAGHAR, which consists of three sections in English, Urdu and Pashto. All the college professors and students are invited to furnish their contributions to the magazine. The articles are judged by the editorial board and good creative essays, short stories, poems etc are selected for publication.


A valuable asset of the college is its library, which consists of sufficient number of books that are issued to the students for a fortnight period. This period may be extended provided that the same book is not required by another student. A student can borrow one book at a time and he is liable to a fine of Rupee one per day, if he fails to return it in due time. In case of loss of a book or any damage to it, the students concerned has to either replace it or deposit three-fold price in the government treasury. Journals, reference and text books may be studied in the library but cannot be borrowed. Library is a silence zone where chattering is not allowed.



Limited seats for the deserving candidates/having A-I or A-grade only are available to non-local students.

Proctorial Board

Discipline and good manners are the most important factors for education and training. Peaceful and congenial educational environment contributes to the

Achievements of the objectives that are the basis of national character building. A Proctorial board is, therefore, organized to persuade students to observe perfect discipline. It has two main chapters: Members are appointed from among the teaching staff, called the staff proctors, while the other chapter works under the supervision of the first, and consists of senior students. A suitable person from amongst the teaching staff is appointed as the head of the Proctorial board known as the Chief Proctor.

Proctorial board keeps a vigilant eye on the general attitude/behaviour of the students and helps in the maintenance of discipline. They have to perform the under mentioned duties:

(i) To make sure that discipline is properly maintained.

(ii) To be present in the college during functions, Board/University examinations, sports and other competitions.

(iii) To ensure that the students are in proper uniform and represent the college in an appropriate manner.

Character-building society of the college

The college has established a character-building society. This society aims to build the character of the youths/students and tries to make them useful and good citizens of the country. Various debates, programmes, and activities are carried out for achieving this objective of inculcating good manners, habits, and morals in the students. Currently, Prof Abdul Jabbar, the Principal of the college, patronizes this society as its president. The following are the members of the society.

  1. Mr. Mohammad Fayyaz Associate Professor of English
  2. Mr. Shaukat Ali Associate Professor of Urdu
  3. Mr. Mohammad Masaud Assistant Professor of English
  4. Mr. Said Umar Assistant Professor of Pashto

Additional Responsibilities/Co-curricular Activities/ Various Committees

Besides teaching, some additional/co-curricular tasks have been assigned to the teaching staff for the smooth running of the college. Various committees carry out these tasks. Important ones are the following.

The College Council ( A Governing Body of the College)

Important/urgent issues related to the college are discussed by the college council, which comprises the principal, all professors, associate professors, warden, senior assistant professors, senior lecturers, Director Academics, student/parent representatives, educationists and members of the civil society according to the policy of the provincial government.

The College Admission Committees

They follow the admission policy laid down by the Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the affiliated university to admit students to the Faculty of Science ( Engineering, Medical, and Computer Science) and the Faculty of Arts. Various other Admission Committees exist to admit students to various BS disciplines after successful completion of their Intermediate education. The rule of merit is strictly followed and practiced.

The College Academic Committee

This committee guides the students to take market-oriented subjects in their academic disciplines. It also renews the college prospectus on yearly basis, maintains the monthly academic plan of the teachers during the session, gets the teachers evaluated by their students; it also maintains curricula of different subjects/disciplines, and makes efforts to ensure the availability of these curricula to both teachers, and students.

The Internal/External Exam. Committee

The Controller and the Deputy Controller of the college conduct various internal and external examinations in the light of examination policy of KP government and the affiliated university. College-wise and subject-wise results are prepared and the performance of the teachers is shown in their ACRs/PERs.

The internal Audit Committee

A Bursar from the college teaching staff is entrusted with the responsibility to carry out the audit of the funds collected. Financial requirements such as receipts, sanctions granted for the purchases of various items are audited. In addition to that a balance of funds in the college is worked out and tallied with closing balance shown in the bank statements.

The Refreshment Committee

This committee arranges seats, provides refreshments to dignitaries as per needs of the time, and season.

The Plantation Committee

This committee controls and utilizes the services of all the college gardeners. It looks after all the plants, and trees, seasonal plants for the beautification of the college, and makes efforts for better maintenance of the college lawns.

The Blood Donation Committee

This committee enlists the blood groups of all the students of the college, cooperates with various reliable NGOs and other social organizations in this connection. It motivates and persuades students with the help of the teachings of Islam to donate blood to save lives. It creates awareness that the donated blood gets recovered in 120 days. The blood donor students are registered with the blood-donating organizations in case they need blood in future. In addition to that, certificates are awarded to blood-donating students for the encouragement of other students.

The literary Committee

The students are motivated to take part as competitors in the various literary activities of the Literary Committee. Qirat, poetry competitions, debates, quiz programmes etc are held, and winners are awarded. The students are encouraged and prepared to participate in the competitions outside the college in other institutions. Besides that, efforts are carried out for printing and publishing of the college magazine annually.

The IT society

The recently-formed IT society in the college creates awareness amongst the students about the fast changing information technology. Besides, it makes efforts to improve the proficiency skills of the students in the use of computers, Smart phones. It does as a platform for everyone to share with one another, learn, and discuss new ideas. Computer-user students will get protection from the exploitation of the market technicians in getting services like Window Installation etc.

The Press Committee

The function of this committee is to send reports to both print and electronic media on issues related to the affairs of the this college. A liaison is established with the local media men so that the affairs of the college are run in a better way.

The Minor Repair Committee

All kinds of minor repairs in the college are handles by this committee. It demands quotations for minor repairs through press advertisements, recommends/ accepts the bidder with lowest rates for a certain repair work, and examines the standards of work carried out by the contractor from time to time.

The Science Purchase Committee

The task of this committee is to demand Lab Gear/Equipment needed in science departments from its respective Chairmen, prepare a consolidated list, demand quotations from the Science-Supplier groups, recommend/accept the bidder with the lowest rates, issue order for the supply of the items to ensure that they are according to the demands, and specifications.

The Library Purchase Committee

This committee purchases books, periodicals, newspapers, for the college library.

The Plant and Machinery Committee

This committee purchases different items for the college such as ACs, Generators, Grass cutters and multimedia appliances after demands are indentified. Priority is given to the most needed item/s first.

The Placement Committee

This committee arranges seminars for the students to guide them to take to take those subjects which are more market-oriented, and which can benefit the students more in their practical life.