The institute is managed by a qualified and experienced team of teaching and ministerial staff. They are

Pro: Dr. Subhan Ullah Shah (Ph.D Chemistry) Principal

Department of Chemistry:

  1. Mr. Muhammad Javed Professor/Vice Principal
  2. Mr. Shah Hussain Assistant Professor

3. Mr. Usman Ghani (M.Phil) Lecturer

4. Mr. Altaf Hussain Lecturer

5. Mr. GoharNaqash Lecturer

6. Mr. Muhammad Naeem Lecturer

Department of Computer Scince:

  1. Mr. Hidayat Ullah Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Fazal Tariq Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Lecturer
  4. Mr. AimalHussain Lecturer

Department of Electronics

  1. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Lecturer

Department of English:

  1. Mr. Ishaq khan (M.Phil) Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Subhan Ullah Lecturer
  3. Mr. Muhammad Asghar Najeeb Lecturer
  4. Mr. Nisar Ahmad Lecturer
  5. Mr. Zaheem ud Din Lecturer

Department of Economics:

  1. Mr. Anwar Saeed Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Muhammad Asad Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Tahir Ul Islam Lecturer
  4. Mr. Ubaid Ali Lecturer
  5. Mr. Muhammad Nazir Lecturer

Department of Geography:


Department of Health And Physical Education:

  1. Mr. Sami Ullah Marwat DPE

Department of History

  1. Mr. Sajjad Samad Professor
  2. Mr. Muhamamd Tariq Assistant Professor

Department Of Islamiat:

  1. Mr. Abdul Qadeem Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Muhammad Sheraz Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Kifayat ur Rahman Lecturer

Department of IT

  1. Mr. Imran Hussain Lecturer

Department of library Science

  1. Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Librarian

Department of Mathematics:

  1. Dr. Muhammad Ishaq (Ph.D) Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Hijab Ur Rahman Associate Professor
  3. Mr. Asmat Ullah Jan Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Ziad Minullah Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. Ajed Akbar Lecturer
  6. Mr. Asmat Ullah Jan Lecturer
  7. Mr. Irfan Ahmad Lecturer
  8. Mr. Sohail Khan Lecturer

Department of Pakistan Studies

  1. Mr. Azeem Gul Lecturer
  2. Mr. Muhammad Zubair Lecturer

Department Of Physics:

  1. Mr. Mehboob Ali Khan Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Riaz Ahmad Khan Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Faiq Jan (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Taimur Khan Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. YasirMunir Lecturer
  6. Mr. Dilaram Khan Lecturer

Department of Statistics:

  1. Mr. Zahawat Ullah Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Rohul Amin Lecturer

Department of Political Science:

  1. Mr. Noor us Saeed Professor
  2. Mr. Muhammad Tariq Associate Professor
  3. Mr. Safiullah Associate Professor
  4. Mr. Masood Jan Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. Saeed Ullah

Department of Urdu:

  1. Mr. Sadaqat Shah Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Aman Ullah Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Irfan Muhammad Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. NaveedIqbal Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. Ibrar Khan (M. Phil) Assistant Professor

Department of zoology:

  1. Dr. Naeemudin (Ph.D) Associate Professor

Ministerial staff

  1. Mr. Attaullah Superintendent
  2. Mr. Abdul Ghafar Assistant
  3. Mr. Raheem Gul Senior Clerk
  4. Mr. Amir Nawaz Senior Clerk
  5. Mr. Muhammad Siddique Junior Clerk

Laboratory Assistant

  1. Mr. Abdul Baseer Lab: Superientendent
  2. Mr. Muhammad Jaffar Lab: Supervisor
  3. Mr. Zaffar Ullah Lab: Supervisor
  4. Mr. MuhmmadHazir Senior Lab: Assistant
  5. Mr. Sharif Nawaz Senior Lab: Assistant
  6. Mr. LuqmanulHaq Senior Lab: Assistant
  7. Mr. Younas Khattak Lab: Assistant
  8. Mr. Iftikhar ud din Lab: Assistant
  9. Mr. JunaidBadshah Lab: Assistant
  10. Mr. Nazir Akbar Lab: Assistant