Dues/Fee Structure

Dues/Fee Structure



The following dues are charged at the BSc Home Economics (Integrated Course).

A Government Dues

BSc Home Economics (integrated Course):

College Admission Fee: Rs. 300/-

Tuition Fee: Rs. 600/-

B: Pupils’ Funds

Sports: Rs. 300/-

Computer: Rs. 1000/-

Food and Nutrition Fee: Rs. 1000/-

Textile & Clothing Lab: Rs. 1000/-

Growth / Development Lab: Rs. 750/-

Registration Fee: Rs. 1650/-

Security: Rs. 1500/-

Miscellaneous: Rs. 500


  • All dues must be paid in advance by the students seeking admission to the BSc. Home Economics (Integrated Courses).
  • Students have to deposit all the dues before the commencement of classes.
  • Roll Numbers of University examinations are issued only when a student clears her dues and has the required number of attendance at her credit.
  • University Registration Fee and Sports Fee is payable by 1st Year Students only.
  • Security should be claimed within one month of the termination of the public examination, Otherwise it will be forfeited in favour of the government.

Fee Concession and Scholarships

  • Deserving students within the ambit of 10% of the total strength are given fee concession.
  • Deserving and meritorious students are also granted financial assistance/prizes from Pupils Fund.
  • Besides these, scholarships like MORA and Fauji Foundation etc are also floated from different agencies.
  • Only one financial assistance is to be availed at one time.
  • Any of the above privileges is withheld in case a student is short of the required attendances, remain willfully absent from the class-tests or internal examinations or shows poor result.