1. The B.Sc Home Economics University Examinaitons for all the four parts shall commence simultaneously every year.
  2. Examination shall be held twice a year, normally, and called Annual and Supplementary Examinations respectively, on dates to be announced every year.
  3. The result shall be declared as early as possible.
  4. Pass marks in theory, year’s work, and practical examination (separately) shall be compulsory. Failure in any one of these shall mean failure in the subject as whole. Year’s work shall be assessed both by the internal and external Examiner.
  5. The minimum percentage of marks required for passing shall be 40% in each subject (theory, year’s work and practical Examination separately) and 45% in the aggregate.

  1. a. Regular admission to the next higher class shall be allowed to all those students who passed/cleared all the subjects of the previous class.

b. Regular admission to the next higher class shall not be allowed to those students who fail in more than two papers.

c. However, a student who has failed in two or less than two subjects and has been given regular admission in the next higher class, shall be required to pass these subjects in two subsequent examinations of the University (annual & supplementary). In case she fails to clear the above mentioned subjects, in the prescribed two chances, she shall appear for examination in all the subjects of the previous class.

d. Under no circumstances shall a candidate be given admission (i) in the Part-II class, if she has not cleared all the subjects of the Part-I class, or (II) in the part-IV class, if she has not cleared all the subjects of Part-II class.

e. A students who fails to clear her first year examination in three successive chances i.e Annual, Supplementary, Annual examination shall be struck off the college rolls.

  1. The Examinations of the Home Economics Part-I, Home Economics Part-II, Home Economics Part-III and Home Economics Part-IV shall be open to the students who satisfy the following conditions:
  1. That she is on the rolls of the College of Home Economics during the academic year preceding to the examinations.
  2. That she has attended not less than two-third of the full course of lectures delivered during that academic year to her class, in each of the subjects of examination and not less than two-third of the periods devoted to practical’s.
  3. Detention Examination

A student will be eligible to appear in the Annual Examination if she has appeared for the monthly tests for each subject, as well as, the detention examination of the college. The total marks for each subject in the detention examination shall be hundred. The monthly tests will be given 20% weightage and the examination will be given 80% of the weightage. She is required to pass each subject with at least 40% marks, and /or 45% marks in aggregate.

d. Division:

Students securing 60% or above marks in the aggregate of the four parts, i.e. Part-I, II, III and IV examinations shall be awarded first division. Those who obtain at least 45% marks in the aggregate shall be placed in the second division and all others below that, pass in the third division.