Since its’ inception in 1977, Govt: Degree College Chakesar, has a clear motto to educate its’ students in such a way that they become true Muslims, true Pakistanis and useful citizens. We look forward to make our students better human-beings. The college tries and has a goal that knowledge be imparted to the students to create a society which is transparent, fair and peace loving. We are against racism, sectarianism and all other differences and wish to inculcate the same spirit in those whom, we teach. The college desires that those who get through their exams, should exhibit their efficiency in various competitive exams; as well. Apart from courses of studies, character building is our mission. We want to see our students to be men of good action, principled and above-board honest. On one hand, they should have command on what they learn from us, on the other they should also have the knowledge of Islamic virtues and the ideology of Pakistan. The role of games as co-curricular activities, our aim is to inspire our students to take part in sport events and thus, the College tries to develop sportsman spirit in its’ students to forbear if defeated and not to be overjoyed in case of victory. It is our mission to persuade the students to read books outside their text books so that they are not only confined to their courses of study and, Allah forbid, not knowing anything outside their subjects. In short, our vision and mission revolves round the qualities of good Muslims, good Pakistanis and useful citizens, be clearly seen by everyone.

May Allah succeed us in achieving our goals, Aameen!