The first literacy campaign was launched with the first revealed verse of the Holy Quran.

Read in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, who created”. In this regard, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Seek knowledge even if it be in China.” On another occasion, he (PBUH) Said, “Education is compulsory for all men and women.” It is a fact that education and development reinforce each other. As for as literacy is concerned, it is basically related with reading, writing, arithmetic. According to Aristotle “Educated men or women are as much superior to uneducated as the living are to the dead.” In this regard, Quaid-e- Azam, the Founder of our holy country said, “Education is a matter of life and death for our country, Pakistan. Our youth should be well educated and devoted to their country, parents, themselves and the nation.” (Karachi Sep. 26th 1947).

In this context, it is my utmost advice to the youth of our nation to get prepared to face the current and coming challenges, whatsoever. Present is the era of Science, IT and the like. We have to equip ourselves with the knowledge of various subjects, recently introduced in addition to subject(s) of our interest.

Here, I would further emphasize on a proper schedule of studying various subjects, students should themselves frame when they are at their homes and to be bound to that, strictly. Thus, they will be able to get through their exams with self-reliance and being transparent, not to believe in foul means.

Government Degree College Chakesar, District Shangla has been in its’ endeavour to inculcate in its’ students the spirit the sense of “Enter to learn and go forth to serve”. We are resolved to serve the nation to the best of our capabilities and every year, the college shows promising result.

In the end, I would like the students, parents and the community to remain in contact with the college management to give their valuable suggestions to the uplift of the college various functionaries.

May Allah, the Most Benificient, the Most Merciful guide us on the right path and bestow on us all His blessings, Aameen, Thank you.