College Discipline

College Discipline



  • To make the institution a place for the world to see.
  • To maintain discipline in college.
  • To ensure the safety and integrity of students.
  • To help the students to promote proper living style in their life.
  • To make students the true leaders of future.

Students are expected to follow the following rules and regulations:


Students are directed to follow the prescribed uniform mentioned above.


1. Students will report in college at least 30 minutes before college hours.

2. Will leave the college after college hours.

3. In case of emergency students are allowed to leave the college in the following conditions:

  • With the permission of Principal.
  • Actual parents/ guardians can take the students with them.
  • Single student will not be allowed to leave the college premises.


  1. No visitors/ relatives are allowed to meet the students in college timings.
  2. In case of emergency visitors/relatives will be requested to get permission from Principal’s office for not more than 5 minutes. In that case visitors and relatives will have to wait till the end of the running class.
  3. Only college administration will allocate the meeting room for the guests.
  4. Without prior permission nobody will be allowed to enter the college.
  5. Visitors will report at gate and follow the directions of gate keeper.
  6. Frequent visits of relatives other than academic purpose will not be encouraged.


  1. Medium of communication should be English and Urdu in college hours.
  2. Local language [Khowar] will not be encouraged.
  3. Abusing and aggressive language is not allowed.
  4. Calling someone with bad names and hooting is not allowed.

Social Skills

  1. Students are expected to stand up on arrival of any new face/ teacher/ staff member to their class room.
  2. Students will wait their turn during discussion inside the class room.
  3. Personal telephone calls to the student by the relatives or parents will not be entertained during the college hours.
  4. In extreme cases Principal will receive the calls on student’s behalf.
  5. Students are expected to keep acceptable relation with teachers/staff members.


  1. Uniform should be clean and ironed.
  2. Proper hairdressing and cutting.
  3. Nails should be cut weekly.
  4. Use of cosmetics and jewellery is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Activities

  1. Sectarian, regional, political, tribal and linguistic activities or preaching on these issues.
  2. Insult of other student.
  3. Wall chalking, writing on furniture, drawing on walls and furniture.
  4. Damaging the college property. If somebody damages the furniture, glasses, library books, lab equipments or any other thing inside college will be charged doubled.


  1. Minimum 75% attendance is needed.
  2. Application is must for any kind of absenteeism. Application for urgent piece of work will not be entertained.
  3. Application should be verified from the parents/ guardians/ hostel warden.
  4. For sick leave medical certificate is needed.
  5. Students will be struck off for consecutive seven days absentees.
  6. More than seven days absenteeism without intimation will also be considered struck off.
  7. Half day leave can be granted only by the Principal in case of emergency.


  1. Re-admission of struck off students is only allowed within 15 days period, otherwise their admission will be considered cancelled.
  2. Re-admission is allowed once during the session.


  1. Any kind of violation will be treated accordingly.
  2. Minor cases will be dealt by the discipline team.
  3. Serious cases will be forwarded to the Principal.