Seat Allocation

Seat Allocation



  1. (a) 78% of the seats are reserved for the local candidates of the area where college is situated. A candidate shall be defined local to a college if he/she is domiciled of the district in which the college is situated.

(b) If he/she is the child/spouse of an employee of federal or provincial


(c) Has passed her previous exam from the feeding school of the area where the

College is situated.

  1. 10% seats are reserved for the students of the country other than the district provided they have obtained A or A+ Grade in last exam.
  2. 2% seats are reserved for the disable candidates.
  3. 5% seats are reserved for sports quota on provincial basis.
  4. 5% seats are reserved for the children of employee of H.E.D KPK.

One seat in each faculty over and above the allocated seats is reserved for Afghan refugees. Such candidates shall submit their applications through proper channel