The college has adequate, well equipped laboratories to meet the students’ needs and efforts are made every year to make these labs state-of-the- art.


The college has a well-established library for quenching the thirst of the students for knowledge. The library is well furnished and offers a large collection of subject specific and reference books which is added every year to meet the teachers’ and students’ requirements. The college administration has provided its students with a comfortable, spacious and peaceful environment in the library where they can make utility of the library assets. Every student and faculty member is eligible to become a member of the college library but (s)he is entitled to borrow a limited number of books for a specific period of time. Reference books can be utilized inside the library only. Digital Library has been establishedand through internet facilities students can have access to the latest knowledge through World Wide Webs. Moreover access to the world’s renowned libraries through the E-Library is also in progress. Daily English and Urdu newspapers are also available in the library for the awareness of the students about the current affairs. It is moral obligation of every one to take care of this asset.



Functions on National and Religious events are arranged on the college campus from time to time. These include Declamation Contests, Quiz Competitions and other functions in English, Urdu and Pashto languages.


To enhance the mental and physical potential of the students, the college provides sufficient facilities for various activities in sports. The college teams participate in various sports tournaments under the supervision of Directorate of the Higher Education and sports events arranged by BISE Kohat and Kohat University of Science and Technology Kohat.


To polish the literary and creative capabilities of the students, the college magazine is published from time to time. It consists of three sections i.e. English, Urdu and Pashto. Most of its contents are contributed by the students; however the teachers also contribute to embellish it with their critical, analytical and creative writings.


Three students’ hostels and one staff hostel are available on the College Campus to cater the lodging needs of the students andstaff belonging to far flung areas. Students seeking hostel admission shall abide by the following.

  1. The college provost allows hostel admission on the recommendation of the Warden of the respective hostel.
  2. Boarders are required to deposit hostel dues at the start of the academic year.
  3. Room once allotted to the boarders shall not be changed unless it is deemed necessary by the Provost.
  4. Use of electric heater and other electric applianceswhich have not been allowed by the college administration is strictly prohibited.
  5. Hostel timings should be strictly observed.
  6. The admission of those students who are defaulters can be cancelled.
  7. Keeping fire arms, biased literature stimulating sectarian sentiments is strictly prohibited.
  8. Further details regarding rules and regulations can be had from the concerned authorities, issued from time to time


There is abeautiful, vast and spacious mosque in the collegefor students and staff wheremore than 500 nimazees can offer their prayers. A pesh-e- imam has been appointed by the college administration who leads the congregational prayer.