Besides teaching some additional/co-curricular tasks have been assigned to the teaching staff for the smooth running of the college. Various committees carry out these tasks. Among these are:

1. The College Council

Important/urgent issues related to the college are discussed by the college council, which comprises the Principal, all the Professors, Associate Professors, Warden, Senior most assistant professor. Senior most lecturer, Director academics, student/parent representatives, Educationists and members of civil society according to the policy of the provincial government.

2. College Admission Committee

They follow the admission policy laid down by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the affiliated university to admit the students to the faculty of science and faculty of arts. The rule of merit is strictly followed and practiced.

3. Internal/External Examination Committee

The controller and Deputy Controller of the college conduct various internal and external examinations in the light of the examination policy of Board and University. College wise and Subject wise results are prepared and the performance of the teacher is shown in their ACRs/PER.

4. Internal Audit Committee

A bursar from the college teaching staff is entrusted with the responsibility to Larry out the audit of the funds collected. Financial requirements such as receipts, sanctions granted from various items are audited.

5. Plantation Committee

This committee controls and utilizes the services of all the college gardens. It looks after all the plants, trees, seasonal plants for the beautification of the college. II has established a Botanical Garden in College.

6. The Blood Donation Committee

This committee enlists the blood group of all students of the college, cooperates with various reliable NGOs and

other social organizations, motivates and persuades the students with the help of the teachings of Islam to donate to save a life.

7. Minor Repair Committee

All kinds of minor repairs in the college are handled by this committee.

8. Science Purchase Committee

The task of this committee is to demand Laboratory Gears/equipment needed in a science department, prepare consolidated lists, demand quotations from suppliers, recommend the bidder with the lowest rate, issue supply orders and inspect the items to ensure the quality.

9. Library Purchase Committee

This committee purchases books, periodicals, newspapers for the college library

for the use of both the teachers and students.

10. Plant and Machinery Committee

This committee purchases different items for the college such as ACs, Generators, Photocopiers, Electric Water Coolers and multimedia appliances.