At least 75% attendance of the delivered lecturers is compulsory for a student in theory and practical classes in each subject. Students falling short of 75 % attendance in any subject shall not be allowed to take the annual public examination of the board / university.

Struck off on Account of Absenteeism

A student who remains absent for more than six consecutive days without approved leave shall be struck off the college rolls without any notice.

Re- Admission

A student whose admission is cancelled or whose name is struck off on the basis of long absence can apply for re-admission to the Principal within 15 days of the issue of such notification. The Principal may allow his re-admission on payment of the Re-admission fee / Admission Fee and any other outstanding dues.

Re-admission for the second time in a current academic session is not generally allowed. However, genuine and deserving cases are submitted to the Director Higher Education on the basis of valid documentary proof with the condition that the applicant can make up for his shortages and can fulfil the requirement of 75% attendance during the remaining period of the session. Such students shall pay all the Government fees and Pupils Fund except security and BISE / University charges.