Funds and Fees

Funds and Fees


Fee Structure

The following dues are charged at the Intermediate level.

A Government Dues

Tuition Fee Admission Fee Re-Admission Fee

F.A. Rs. 500/- Per Annum Rs. 250/- Per Annum Rs. 250/-

F.Sc Rs. 550/- Per Annum Rs. 250/- Per Annum Rs. 250/-

B Hostel Fee

Hostel Admission Fee Rs. 350/- Per Annum

Hostel Room Rent Rs. 350/- Per Annum

C Pupils’ Funds

i) General Fund Rs. 510/-

ii) General Security Rs. 500/- (Refundable)

iii) Computer Security Rs. 1000/- (For Computer Science students only)

iv) Computer Stationary Charges Rs. 1000/- Per Annum

v) Hostel Fund Rs. 609/-

D BISE Dues (For 1st Year students)

Registration Fee Rs. 280/- (Variable)