Career Guidance Centre

Career Guidance Centre


The Career Guidance Centre is established in order to provide up-to-date and advanced information to the students for their academic development. It helps the students to make appropriate choices at the right moment and develop insight for appropriate decisions. The Centre is led by a group of well-informed faculty who provide the required assistance and guidance to the students based on their personal needs and current opportunities.

The Career Guidance Centre helps the students identify talents, interests and values in making educated career choices. The Centre conducts workshops and presentations on various topics like subjects’ selection, subjects’ descriptions, interview techniques and career expectations etc.


1. To help students in proper selection of subjects according to their talent and aptitude.

2. To guide students to develop their academic career in line with their goals.

3. To help students prepare for interview and develop their communication skills

4. To help students make appropriate and realistic career choices and career direction.

5. To manage and give information regarding scholarships.


Prior to make a decision about students’ career and personal development the following areas are identified:

• What is he good at?

• What is he capable of?
• What is most important to him?

• What working environments will suit him?

• What are his key career needs?

With the increased clarity student will be in the best possible mood to brainstorm ideas for his future. Student Counsellor will help him to narrow down his list, and to produce a focused, realistic and step-by-step action plan.