Co—curricular activities:

Games and Sports keep the physical and mental health of the students. Keeping this in mind Games/sports are conducted for the students in the college. Along with the physical and mental development, it develops co-operation among them. Our students participate actively in the inter-board and inter-university competitions organized by the concerned authorities. Every year our students participate in Cricket, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Badminton, Kabaddi and Table Tennis.

In addition to this, different kinds of debates and speech competitions are arranged for the students. Naat’ Khwani, Mehafel-i-Mushaira and seminars on important issues/topics are also arranged. Students get fully benefitted from these positive activities.


The college Library is housed in the I.T. Block and provides high quality information services to all students and staff members. The library has available collections of 7000 manuscripts including General texts, Reference and other books. The college library lends books to staff and students having its membership. Membership is essential for lending facilities. A student can borrow 02 books at the most. The students can retain the books for a maximum of 02 weeks, which can be renewed after the expiry of the borrowing period. In case of late return, fine is charged as per college rules i.e. @ Rs. 10/- per day. Different English/Urdu Newspapers and periodicals are also available in the library and students can read them during their leisure time. In spite of the shortage of resources, the college administration tries its level best to cater to the reading needs of the students and provide maximum facilities to them.

The College Magazine (SALATURA):

Salatura is the ancient name of Lahor. GDC Lahor issues its magazine under the title “SALATURA”. This magazine is a forum for the students as well as the teachers of GDC Lahor. They express their views on the pages of this magazine. Students are particularly encouraged to write articles, stories, essays, poems, jokes and other things of their own interest in English, Urdu or Pashto.

Model Class:

Keeping in view the individual differences among the students an innovative idea has been implemented at GDC Lahor. A Model class has been set up consisting of 15 to 20 highly talented students. The purpose is to give them individual attention and to further increase their talent in the best possible way. Extra homework, assignments, quizzes, tests, questions/answers and presentations are the routine activities carried out in the model class. The idea was implemented only on 1st year class in the last session. However, the result was so rewarding that the same idea will be implemented on both 1st year and 2nd year classes in the coming session.


The college administration also tries to focus on the inculcation of moral values among the students as well as to spiritually enlighten them. Without moral and spiritual nourishment, the growth of human personality remains incomplete. For this very purpose, weekly sermons are held on every Friday during the college hours.